Sunday, February 13, 2011

Class Note from SusanC

How times have changed—we women had to be in at 9 on weekdays, couldn’t wear slacks on campus, had to be checked for two feet on the floor in the Pink Lounge at Susie. 

Since then I’ve been in charge of the Council on Finance and Administration for the northeast Ohio United Methodist church, have supervised almost two hundred churches and pastors, and have taught in the seminary where I was also a Trustee for 14 years, VP of the Trustees and chair of the Development committee.  I’ve been a pastor in 3 states, plus keeping up my music by singing in the Cleveland Orchestra Chorus. 

I married Bill Bowman 22 years ago—he was a financial guy—County Auditor—politician, musician. 
Between us we have 6 kids and 10 “grands.” 

We live close to Mt. Union College in Ohio, where Bill’s granddad was dean for 30 years. 

I almost always am out past 9 p.m. alone, sometimes on country roads, wear slacks everywhere, and only sometimes have two feet on the floor—more often they are stretched out on the couch. 

It has been a fabulous ride and Albion prepared me well.  Would I do my college days over?  In some ways, yes.  I would be more involved!

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