Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BruceF - Life After College

Hi. This is my life since leaving college - the short version.  For more detail, see BruceF in careers. Alfter college, I went to graduate school at CMU in Pittsburgh for 4 years. Got my MBA and entered the Phd program in Economics.  Left to teach finance in Berkeley's Business School.  Left to work at a bank in Los Angeles when I got married. Worked there 10 years in finance and systems. Left to work at a large bank in San Francisco.  Worked on systems development and in personal computer product management and consulting. Got fired when the bank "merged" with an east coast bank.  Retired in 2000.

Work on my investments so I will have something to leave grandsons who are my great joy. Joined SIRS (Sons in Retirement) where I play good bridge and poor golf.  Was a Director at SIRS for several years and ran their investment interest group.  Left to go to southern California when my first grandson arrived.  Lived there until second grandson arrived and got fired again (last time?) when my daughter decided she needed a nanny.

Returned to my home in SF Bay area, where I cook, read books on economic history, risk and uncertainty, study investment strategies, manage my stock portfolio, hike in the hills and play duplicate bridge.  Golf still stinks. Married in 1969; had two wonder daughters but lost one at age 10; divorced in 1994; first grandson arrived in 2007 and second in 2009.  Enjoy BBQ cooking and good wine on the back deck watching the sun set over the golf course.   Hope you are all well and stay that way.        BruceF 

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